Sewing Tutorials

Here is an ever growing list of tutorials I have completed for The Haby Goddess blog.

Sewing Techniques
  1. Adding piping
  2. Add bias to inside edge of garment
  3. How to laminate fabric
  4. Add a side pocket to an existing garment
  5. Sewing a gusset into a bag
  6. Inverted pleat pocket
  7. Sewing perfect pocket corners
  8. How to sew quick & easy boxed bottoms for bags & purses
  9. Sewing front plackets tutorial

Instructions on Shirring
Making ruffles
Stabilizing Seams with tape

Video Tutorials
How to use your "cover buttons with fabric" kit

Using Gadgets & Products
How to use Clover Flower Frill template
How to use a bias tape maker
Magnetic Closures
Kanzashi Flower Makers
Best ways to cover headbands

Project Tutorials
Oven Mitt tutorial
Tutorial & Template to make a 90mm coin purse with metal frame.
How to make a fabric nappy wallet
How to make Towelling Headbands in 10 minutes
Making pinch pleat curtains - part 1
Making pinch pleat curtains - part 2
How to tea stain fabric
Make mini heat packs

Using Sewing Machine Attachments - All are downloadable!
Using a walking foot or even feed foot attachment
Using your hemming foot attachment
Using a binding foot attachment
Using your button hole attachment
Using your zipper foot attachment
Using your overedge foot attachment

Overlocking Tutorials
Creating a rolled hem on an overlocker
Overlocking basics - Getting to know your threads
Overlocking basics - How to thread your machine