The Chair Makeover: Adding piping

Today I added the fabulous piping I made to the cushion cover (instructions on how make piping is here), I made the ties & cut out the backing.

  • So I started with cutting my top piece of selvedge fabric & bottom gingham piece to the required size. My cushion insert is 46cm x 46cm - I cut them to 48cm x 48cm to allow for margin & a snug, taunt fit.
  • An iron on pellon was added to the gingham as it's a very light weight fabric
  • Cut 4 ties - 6cm x 50cm.  I added an interfacing so they will sit up a bit when tied in a bow

  • Start at the back of the cushion and pin the outer edge of the piping to the matching edge of the top fabrics right side
  • Pin all the way, making the corners rounded as you go.
  •  When back to the start, overlap the piping so it does a bit of a criss cross. make sure that both ends will not be seen when sewn.  Pin. This is the easiest way to end piping but definitely not the only way (or the neatest!).  But as this is my first piping attempt I'm trying not to over complicate things.
  • Get out your new best friend, the zipper foot, and attach it to your machine.
  • Sew around the piping on top of your original seam.
  • When finished, trim & clip your corners.
  • Fold over your 4 tie pieces and sew down one edge with a straight stitch, leaving one end open & the other end sewn across.  I have finished on a diagonal, but it's completely up to you.
  • Turn the ties in the right way and press
So now all I have to do is add the invisible zip into the seam and sew it all together.  Watch out for the final part to this detailed tutorial very soon!


Tiff said...

Oh, just loving this tutorial! I want a closer look at the fabric you used too... is that the fabric edges sewn together in strips? I love the look of that too! I can't wait to see the finished cushion! X

Kim said...

I too, am wondering about the top of your seat cover. It appears that you have sewn together selvage edges of fabrics. Is it safe to assume that? And did you back it also with interfacing?
I would appreciate your time in answering.

Jodie said...

Yes, the fabric is selvedges sewn together. It's a great way to use up any scraps.

I sew each strip together onto a light weight base fabric and then add either an interfacing or pellon onto the back on the completed fabric piece before cutting the pattern. I find starting in the middle of your backing fabric and working both up and down helps keep the selvedges a little straighter.

Kim said...

Thank you Jodie. I love this look and can't wait to try the technique.