How to use Magnetic Stud Closers

I have a fridge covered in 9 year old party invitations so today I'm busy making some little gifts. I'm using a very basic phone cover pattern from the June edition of Sew Hip UK which I plan to fill with hair accessories instead.

The pattern uses a loop & button for the closer but I've substituted that for a Magnetic Stud Closer as they are a sinch to add. The closer comes as a 4 piece set - 2 magnetic closers plus 2 washers.

  1. The closers will be added to the lining fabric only - they should not be seen from the front. You should do this prior to sewing the side seams to whatever project you are working on.  I have sewn the lining and front fabric together so I can accurately mark where the closers are to go.
  2. Measure & mark both lining pieces of fabric - they must be the same for the closers to match & close correctly.
  3. Add a little piece of stabilizer to the back of where the closer prongs will come through.
  4. Using scissors, cut the smallest of holes at your marks and push the closer prongs through to the back.
  5. Add the washer and then press prongs outward to secure.

Repeat this process exactly the same for the other side.
Complete sewing your project together.

Packs of 3 Magnetic Stud Closers are available in The Haby Goddess online store for only $5.00 plus minimal postage.


Fussy Eater's Mum said...

Oh thank you for this tutorial! I bought some of your magnetic closers a few months back for some bags I'm planning to make. While I've been busy finishing some other projects, I have to confess I was procrastinating because I wasn't too sure how to "install" these things.

Anonymous said...

This is great!! I have always wondered how they work and have been wanting to make a few pouches using these as a have made attaching them so much easier.