Mastering the button hole attachment

I love this sewing machine attachment more than any. It looks complicated but it's not - it actually does all the work for you. Obviously, all machines are different and their button hole functions will not be the same. I have a very basic, no-frills machine and the above attachment was included. Check your manuals to see which foot makes buttonholes on your machine.

  • Select your buttons and place one in the attachments gauge. This will determine the length in which the button hole needs to be.
  • Refer to your manual or in my case, the lid which houses the attachments, it also has a legend of settings. Change your machine to the appropriate settings.
  • On my machine, there is a lever just behind the needle. Pull it down into position - it should sit nicely behind the front section of the button hole attachment.
  • Practise making a button hole on a scrap piece of fabric.

  • Once you have had a practise on scrap, mark in chalk where you would like your button holes to be. It works in reverse - so the marking should be the bottom of your button hole.
  • Then sew, slowly. It should work automatically, making the correct sized hole as per the button being held in the gauge. My attachment does a complete button hole in one go, yours may be a little different.
  • With your unpick - carefully cut the fabric inbetween the two ends.
  • And your button hole is done!
Does your machine do button holes differently to this?


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I can't tell you how timely and brilliant this little tutorial is. I have a smock waiting for two button holes. I've tried once, and unpicked the mess. I think I'll give it another go tomorrow. Indebted to you!

Jo Wholohan said...

super timely for me too to find this, ive been following the manual and doing my buttons this way too, can you tell me what you set your width and length at?? mine dont seem to be as closely stitched as yours, thanks so much for sharing xx

Jodie said...

Jo, on my machine I set the stitch length to about 5 and width was at the tightest end (LHS) of the button hole scale. It doesn't give a number as it's a little icon.

Susan77 said...

Having slashed right through the end of buttonholes more times than I should admit, I'd like to offer a tip. When you are cutting your buttonhole, only cut about halfway along, then turn the work around and cut from the other end into the middle.

Jo Wholohan said...

thanks for that jodie, loving your site xx