Blind Stitch Hemming Attachment Tutorial

I hate hand sewing and more often than not will do a lazy top stitched hem to avoid it. But there is another way - use your blind stitch hemming foot attachment!

Your machine may of included a funny looking attachment with a roller in front (this attachment is for a Janome).

Look for your blind hem settings on your instruction panel and adjust.

Remove your normal presser foot and add blind hemming foot.

Fold over and press raw edge and press your hemline.
Fold back your fabric till it meets the raw edge hem and sit nicely on your hem fold.
The rollers function is to move the plastic guide to rest beside the raw edge fold. 

You want to only catch the edge of your fabric with the pointed stitch.

Fold back your fabric and press.
And there you have a very neat professional looking hem.


Tiff said...

Thanks for the tips, I had no idea how to do that! Still so much to learn! X

Rebecca said...

Thank you! Never knew what that attachment was for til now. Can't wait to try it.