Using your Overedge Stitch foot attachment

Continuing the tutorial series on the basic foot attachments that you were likely to have received with your sewing machine, today's tutorial is on the Overedge Stitch foot.
This foot attachment is from a Janome machine and may differ from other makes & models

This is a great attachment to use if you do not have an overlocker, you need to prevent the fabric edge from unravelling or you just want to add a decorative edge.

Looking a lot like blanket stitch, the thread wraps completely around the edge of the fabric.

Using the foot attachment itself is relatively easy.  It has a black metal prong where you place the fabric up against.  The thread moves over two wire prongs which prevents finer fabrics from rolling and creating a pucker. 


Bellgirl said...

Wow, that looks great! I think I need one of those feet.

Liz said...

ooh me too. off to my Janome shop I go!

Mee a Bee said...

WOW!!!! fantastic, I wonder if I have that foot. Awesome tutorial, love blanket stitch.