5 easy steps to making ruffles

Now that I have 'mastered' how to do rolled hems (and yes I am very pleased with myself & can see that I'll now be adding rolled hems to everything!), I'll show you how to turn them into ruffles.
  • Step 1. - Sew a straight line of basting stitch along the length of your fabric. I used a 5/8" guide.
  • Step 2. - Tie your threads off at one end
  • Step 3. - With the other end pull the bottom thread gently until your fabric is evenly ruffled. Tie off this end also
  • Step 4. - Lay ruffle onto fabric and pin into position
  • Step 5. - Slowly & carefully, sew along the basting line to secure ruffle to fabric. Some may wish to sew just above or below the basting line so you can do undo it when finished.
  • Image 6. - And your ruffle is done!


m.e (Cathie) said...

thank you Jodie!!
I wanted to make a drawstring bag to use as a library bag & thought of adding ruffles but thought they would be too hard.
you have made it look easy..(I hope)
I'll let you know if I make it.

precious said...

Thanks for a very nice tutorial on how to make ruffles. I really like to make my curtains ruffles but I have no idea on how to do it.
dining room table

Catju M said...

Here is an even easier way to make gathered fabric:
Pull a length of top thread and bobbin thread out(a bit longer than what you will finish with).
Drop the needle, gently bring forward where you will start stitching. Raise needle. Set to zig zag stitch. Stitch over the long top/bobbin thread. Pull up and arrange gathers. So easy.