Product Preview: Clover Flower Frill Template

You all know how much I love haby gadgets and this Clover Flower Frill Template has not disappointed me!
I've made something similar before here on a headband but I used glue and it was very messy and slow going.
As with most Clover products, you can make the exact same thing without the gadget but it does make it a lot easier with it.

The pack includes two different sized finished flowers - 75mm & 100mm. 
There are two reusable templates of each.
Cut and press some rough squares a little larger than the template you are using.
Fold as per instructions.  After the first couple the template automatically folds into the correct formation.
You will need 15-25 petals for each flower. How many will depend on the thickness of your fabric.  I've alternated with 3 different fabrics - linen, silk & cotton.
Quick, easy & fun.

Available for only $7.95 in The Haby Goddess online store plus minimal postage.


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Those are super cute and seems pretty easy, cool!

Ayana said...

Great little gift ideas!

Angela said...

Ooh these would make for perfect bunny rabbit tails! I will keep it in mind when I finally get to make my Sew La Ti Bunny Friends :)