Perfect pocket corners

Adding pockets to sewing projects are not only functional but can also be a decorative feature.
Here are a couple of finishing techniques for sewing the perfect pocket corners.

  •  If you are adding a lining or interfacing to the pocket - stop at the fold line.  This will reduce the bulkage when turning it over. 

  • Fold under raw edge 1/4 " and turn to the wrong side of fabric from the fold line and press.

  • Turn back at fold line onto the right side of fabric as shown in image 3.
  • Sew with a straight stitch just below the raw edge fold and clip the corner to reduce bulkage.
  • Fold back the correct way and poke out corners.  Sew across the top of the pocket.
  • Pin pocket to your fabric and sew final seam.  Your pocket corner should sit lovely and flat with no exposed seams. 


Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

great tip, i never thought to do that, but that's why you're the goddess

dolldoll said...

thanks for the napisan stain removing tips.lovely blog.great project ideas:)