Tea staining fabric

Today's Daily Tidbit on facebook was regarding tea staining fabric. After receiving inspiration from here, I decided to give it a go. An easy process which included:
  1. Pre-wash fabric that you wish to stain.
  2. Boil tea and seep teabags for 3-5 minutes. I used 6 normal strength bags for this bowl.
  3. Remove teabags.
  4. Place wet fabric in tea stain liquid and stir making sure all parts of fabric are covered.
  5. I left fabric for 30 mins. Leave anywhere from 15 mins to overnight
  6. Rinse fabric & hang on line to dry.
  7. Iron


  • Works best on natural fabrics such as cotton & linen. This fabric piece had rolled edges with a polycotton and they did not stain. So be mind full of cottons & trims.
  • If you are anything like me, when I am having a creative moment I don't want to have to do test pieces. But in this case because the process is so quick & simple I really recommend it. I feel I left the piece too long and it was a little 'apricot'. I would suggest soaking a few test pieces to remove & dry at intervals 10, 15, 20 mins etc to see which one gives the desired effect.
  • There are many variations tlo results, when deciding how long to leave the fabric soaking. Strength of tea, weight of fabric and so on.
  • It was fun & my 11 year was absolutely intrigued!
  • A Haby G facebook friend mentioned that using an oxywash will bring fabric back if it doesn't work (depending on the fabric that is)


julietk said...

Thank you for passing this on I will be needing to use it soon :-)

Jenny said...

Im told if you add a teaspoon or 2 of salt to the tea mix it will make it wash proof.