Dust off those machine attachments

I've discovered that I'm not alone when it comes to completely ignoring the set of foot attachments that come with our sewing machine purchases. Today, I dusted off those attachments and over the next few weeks plan to share with you their functions. Hopefully you too will be inspired to dig out your manuals and increase your sewing knowledge.
I decided on the zipper attachment to try first. Using this basic tutorial for inspiration, I set to work. Ok, here's the low down on zipper attachments.
  • Each machine will have it's own style of zipper attachment so they will vary from machine to machine. Check your manual, or some machines may have a guide on the machine where the attachments are housed.
  • You can adjust the foot on either the right side or the left side of the needle.
  • The purpose of this foot is to allow you to get closer to the zippers teeth than your normal foot attachment would. I probably needed to sew closer than I did.
  • As the foot is asymmetrical, with one side that’s wider than the other, you need to place the narrower side closest to the zipper feet.


    Make mine Mid-Century said...

    Brilliant post! Thank you. Sometimes I need a bit of hand-holding and this will help me embark on some sewing projects I've been shy to start.

    Beach Vintage said...

    I am yet to attempt a zipper, for some reason they scare me...but with your help I may succeed! Thanks for your sweet kind words regarding my new online store.

    Adalita said...

    I want to try doing a zipper but I am too scared. I have a number of patterns to attempt one. Maybe I might find some confidence and give it a go.

    Anonymous said...

    thanks for the reminder, as a relative newbie to sewing its kind of you to share your expertise

    Pam said...

    Hi Jodie, Fussy Eater's Mum http://www.lifewithafussyeater.com/ sent me over to have a look at your tutorials, they look great and I'll be back! I am a new sewer blogging my sewing journey here: http://mamassewingroom.blogspot.com/
    please do stop by :) Understand you're with Digital Parents too, I'll look out for you :)