A much cuter oven mitt tutorial

While the oven mitt I have is extremely functional, it's hardly attractive for when I pull the quiche out of the oven when the girls are over for lunch!  So using the same pattern I whipped up another one.
There are loads & loads of tutorials online for making your own oven mitts.  They are simple & don't use very much fabric. Mine is not the traditional style but the Insul-Bright packaging does come with a pattern template if that's what you are after.

Here's what I did:

Cut 2 front fabrics 18cm x 28cm
Cut 2 lining fabrics 18cm x 28cm
Cut 2 Insul-Bright fabric 18cm x 28cm

Lay a piece of each fabric on top of each other (Insul-Bright in the middle) and sew together.  This is my very first attempt at trying to do a quilted look. (so don't look to hard - the reverse side puckered more than I would care to admit!!)

I used a small bread & butter plate to round all edges and cut the curve on top piece.
Using either a twill tape or bias, sew strip to top curve piece.  Sew both pieces together and trim off any excess.
Add tape to edge.


twocheeseplease said...

Thanks for the tute - this is a cute idea! And why shouldn't functional objects be attractive anyway? I've never found a store-bought ironing board cover that I like so I was thinking of making my own - and now I can make an oven mitt to match!

MJ said...

It's really cute Jodie! Much nicer than the common store variety. The problem I find with some of the latter are they don't insulate them properly and you need to add a tea towel when handling really hot things. I suppose this way you can make it as padded as you like!
(Love the apple fabric by the way!)

Tiff said...

What a fantastic idea! These would make an excellent gift for family and friends too! I have to give it a go! Thanks! X

elly honeyimhome said...

Cute! Just wondering if the 'insul-bright' makes a 'nappy' sound at all? I've tried using it before but I felt the silver lining or whatever it is was too noisy! Is this the same stuff? I've resorted to using two layers of toweling which is great, but I'm always looking for other ideas. Hope you can clarify! Love your blog by the way! I've just discovered it and can't stop reading!!!

Jodie said...

Hi Elly, no insul-bright reflects the cold & heat so it isn't good for nappies which need to absorb. I have some contacts who do nappies so I'll check it out for you.