Achieve a neat waistband every time!

By the time we get to the waistband on a project we just want it finished and often rush this last part.

But making sure your waistband is sewn neatly will give your project a professional look.

This tutorial uses the same simple principles as adding bias binding to achieve a neat finish.

Head over to for the downloadable tutorial.The next round of Sew School Online, a 6 week beginners sewing course,  with The Haby Goddess starts Monday 21st July, 2014.Get all the course details here. 

20 things you didn't know about me

{image from here}

1. I have a heart murmur.  It was detected when I was a child and doesn't cause me any issues.

2. I won 1st prize at the Dandenong Agricultural show when I was about 8 years old for a flower arrangement on a plate ( having my grandmother on the show committee may have had something to do with this).

3. I did competitive Calistenics until I was 18.  I'm horrible at any sports that involved a ball and spent much of my softball years on the bench!

4. I don't really eat fruit and can go weeks without eating any.  I eat a lot of nuts.

5. During my Year 12 VCE exam I inadvertently packed up my Economics exam paper and took it home.  They accepted it but I failed.

6. Started going out with my husband when I was 15.

7. When deciding on a name for The Haby Goddess, my husband offered the suggestion "Haber Daber Doo". It was quickly scraped!

8. After my 1st daughter was born I started a horticultural course and worked in a nursery.  I also volunteered  at Healesville Sanctuary Zoo in the horticultural department.

9. I cry a lot.  I am a very emotional person.

10. My house is very non-crafty which surprises a lot of people when they visit considering the business I'm in.

11. I wanted to be an accountant and deferred my uni offer to do a business degree.  I never went back.

12. I'm not necessarily a religious person but I do believe in the power of positive thinking.

13. I currently have a foot injury from recently taking up running.  I had wanted to complete in a fun run during 2014 but it's not likely now.

14. My hair is naturally curly but I straighten it every day.  Something my daughter also does.

15. I have never been to a clairvoyant. It's not that I don't believe, I'm just scared of what they will tell me.

16. When visiting the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City in my early 20's, I chose not to go inside.  Instead I sat out on the front steps more interested in watching the gypsies.  A decision I obviously regret now.

17. My first ever job was working at an ice-cream parlour.  When I got the job, I wasn't old enough to start working and had to wait.  Since then I have never been a day without a job or working for myself.

18. I achieved a long jump record at Little Aths. Over the years, my parents would laugh saying I had imagined it.  Recently I found my old athletic sticker book, and there it was!

19. In 2005 I created a children's handmade accessory business called Poss Bloss.  I operated Poss Bloss simultaneously with The Haby Goddess from 2008 until 2011.

20. I designed my dream wedding dress and had the pattern drafted after a number of fittings. In the end it all became way too hard so I went to Chadstone and bought a short 50's style coat dress off the rack.

School Holiday Program

Keep the kids busy these school holidays with our fun classes.

 Monday 30th June, 2014
Tween Craft Morning – Stationery Themed. (8+ years)
We will be making our own cute envelopes, gift cards & note books.
$20.00 per child includes all materials.
10.30am – 12.30pm
Wednesday 2nd July, 2014
Tween Sewing Morning – Bunting (8+ years)
Make a cute set of fabric bunting.
Sewing Machine will be required.
$20.00 per child includes all materials.
10.30am – 12.30pm
Friday 4th & 11th July, 2014
Family Crafting Days (All ages)
A fun morning for mums, dads, nana’s & friends to spend with the kids making a variety of craft based projects.
$10 per child includes all materials.
10.30am – 12.00pm
Monday 7th July, 2014
Beginner Knitting (8+)
Learn the basics of plain & purl which can then lead onto a fun holiday project.
Knitting needles & yarn will be including and will be then the child’s to keep.
$20.00 per child
10.30am – 12.30pm

Wednesday 9th July, 2014
Teen Sewing (12+)
Learn to draft a simple A-Skirt pattern (pictured above) and make from scratch.
Add a zip, darts & a waistband.  Sewing Machine will be required.
10.30am – 2.30pm    $55 includes materials

Book online at or 
call 9752 1114
All workshops are held at 
The Haby Goddess Monbulk store just outside of Melbourne.
41 Main Road, Monbulk   Vic    3793

This week's crafty challenge

Rachael from Little Lands (my soon to be neighbour here at Monbulk) called in this week needing some inspiration to cover a boring plastic coated document stand to house her sweet cards.  

Hoooked Zpagetti Macrame Hanger

A craft project that had been on my list for a while was to make a Macrame holder using the Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn.  
Having never done any macrame knots before, I search all the usual places of Pinterest, Craftgawker, Youtube etc looking for tutorials and plant holder patterns.

There are loads and I needed to use a combination of many to work out how to do them.
The pattern I used comes from the This Years Dozen blog.

 I used Hoooked Zpagetti in Mint Green - available in The Haby Goddess online store.
You would get 2-3 hangers out of one cone.

The only other item you need is a metal ring.  As I didn't have one on hand I used a soft bangle.  Not ideal as it bent out of shape with the weight of the glass bowl.

The glass bowl here is approximately 35cm round and this hanger was 130cm in height BEFORE the bowl is added.
The Zpagetti has a LOT of stretch, much more than a jute/rope. It will stretch even further once something is added to the bowl. 
Next time I will make my knots a lot tighter to reduce some of the stretch and make it smaller.

Arm Knitting Workshop

Chunky knits are huge this winter thanks to all the gorgeous chunky yarns available in beautiful bright, fun colours.

One of the latest crazes is Arm Knitting!  Forget those needles ladies, just bare your arms and get knitting!
The cowl pictured above on Kaylah is what we will be making in a 2 hour workshop held at The Haby Goddess Monbulk store.

Kaylah will show you how easy it is to whip one up using only 2 x 100g balls of chunky yarn.  She has used Cleckheatons Auroa for this example.

Details for the workshop are:

Saturday 24th May, 2014
1pm - 3pm
Cost of $15.00 for the workshop.  It does not include yarn.  You can bring along your own chunky yarn or purchase Auroa on the day ($11.95 per ball - you will need 2).

Book here or call the shop on (03) 9752 1114.

Haby Club

If you've been a Haby Goddess follower for a while now, you may remember the very popular Haby Surprise Packs on a Friday.
These were little parcels of Haby Goodness available to purchase each Friday. You would never know exactly what would be in them and each week they were different.
Well my lovely goddesses, they are back, but with a slight twist.
Similar to the Surprise Packs, on the 1st of every month I will be sending out parcel full of Haby Goodies.
The packs may include any of the following:
Fabric, trims, buttons, general haby, embroidery & stitchery products, motifs & embellishments, twine & packaging products, craft hardware, paper & scrap booking items, craft storage, magazines, patterns, kits plus loads more.
It may include previews and samples of new products or exclusive project sheets. I've already been speaking with suppliers and have got some great products lined up in the months ahead.
It WILL NOT include any yarn or yarn accessories but I will look at creating a yarn based club down the track.
There are 3 price levels:
Freya - Goddess of Love and Wealth
$20 (AUD) plus $8.25 shipping to anywhere in Australia
Athena - Goddess of Domestic Crafts
$30 (AUD) plus $8.25 shipping to anywhere in Australia
Venus - Goddess of Love & Beauty
$40 (AUD) plus $8.25 shipping to anywhere in Australia

Local and would like to collect?

There is also be an in store option available where you can collect your monthly parcel.
There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel or upgrade at anytime. Payment will be via a monthly paypal invoice that will be automatically sent monthly.
Sign Up Now!
1st parcel despatch is 1st March, 2014

Choose your Goddess!
Do you love to receive surprises in the mail?
Especially of the crafty kind?
If you've been a Haby Goddess follower for a while now, you may remember the very popular Haby Surprise Packs on a Friday.
These were little parcels of Haby Goodness available to purchase each Friday. You would never know exactly what would be in them and each week they were different.
Well my lovely goddesses, they are back, but with a slight twist.
On the 1st March I will be launching a monthly Haby Club.
Similar to the Surprise Packs, you will receive a monthly parcel full of Haby Goodies.
 You will be able to choose from 3 price levels ~ $20, $30 & $40 (plus $8.25 postage within Australia).
 There will also be an in store option available where you can collect your monthly parcel.
 There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel or upgrade at anytime. Payment will be via a monthly paypal subscription that will be automatically charged.
The packs may include any of the following: 
Fabric, trims, buttons, general haby, embroidery & stitchery products, motifs & embellishments, twine & packaging products, craft hardware, paper & scrap booking items, craft storage, magazines, patterns, kits plus loads more.
It may include previews and samples of new products or exclusive project sheets. I've already been speaking with suppliers and have got some great products lined up in the months ahead.
It WILL NOT include any yarn or yarn accessories but I will look at creating a yarn based club down the track.
Interested to find out more? Register your details below and next week I will be sending out more detailed info. This is to receive info only, you do not have to commit or pay anything yet.

School Holiday Program for January, 2014

School Holiday Program - January 2014

Tuesday 14th January, 2014

Beginner Crochet 10+ years

10.30am - 12.00pm
A basic overview of crochet techniques such as chain, slip & single crochet.
All materials provided.
$15.00 per child

Beginner Knitting 8+ years

1.30pm - 3.00pm
Learn the basic plain & purl stitches
All materials provided.
$15.00 per child

Wednesday 15th January, 2014

Tween Sewing Class (8-11 years) - Bunting

10.30am - 12.30pm
From a template we all cut flags and then sew together on a sewing machine.
All materials are provided.
A sewing machine will be required for this lesson.
$35.00 per child
Book here

Thursday 16th January, 2014

Teen Sewing Class (12+ years) - Essential Pamper Kit

10.30am - 1pm
We will convert an ordinary bath towel into a Pamper kit - something every teenager needs!
Towelling eye mask, headband, face washer & hand towel.
All materials included.
$40.00 per person
Book here

Friday 17th January, 2014

Family Crafting Day - all ages

10.30am - 12pm
Choose from a variety of crafting activities for a range of ages.
Bring Grandma, Aunty and the kids to a lovely morning for all family members to spend crafting together.
$10 per child (no charge for parents/grandparents etc)

Monday 20th January, 2014

Teen Beginners Plus Sewing Class - A-line Skirt

10.30am - 3.30pm
Draft and sewing a simple A-Line skirt.
Will include adding zip and darts.
Basic sewing skills (sewing machine knowledge) will be required as we will have a lot to get through.
No materials are included.  You can either bring your own or purchase on the day.
(18cm zip, cotton fabric 1.2m @112cm, matching thread)
A sewing machine will be required.
Bring along your own lunch or order a bakery pack for $6.50 on the day.
$55.00 per person
Book here

Tuesday 21st January, 2014

Teen Sewing Class - Laminated Zip Cosmetic Purse

10.30am - 12.30pm
We will add a laminated vinyl to fabric and make a cute zip purse big enough for toiletries.
Includes all materials.  A sewing machine will be required.
Book here

Wednesday 22nd January, 2014

Tween Sewing Class - No Zip Cushion Cover (includes insert)

10.30am - 12.30pm
A great lesson for beginners.  They will learn how to measure & cut fabric and do basic straight stitch sewing.
A sewing machine will be required.
Includes all materials including a cushion insert.
$40 per child
Book here.

Friday 23rd January, 2014

Family Crafting Day - all ages

10.30am - 12pm
Choose from a variety of crafting activities for a range of ages.
Bring Grandma, Aunty and the kids to a lovely morning for all family members to spend crafting together.
$10 per child (no charge for parents/grandparents etc)
Book here.

Needle Felting Workshop with Cintia Gonzalez from My Poppet

Cintia Gonzalez from My Poppet is a Melbourne based blogger/crafter and among her many talents is needle felting.  Her felted items & tutorials have appeared in publications including Mollie Makes & Homespun.

I'm really excited to get Cintia up the hill to my Monbulk shop for a one off workshop covering all the basics to needle felting.

In 2 & 1/2 hours, she will cover 2 felting techniques.
1. Felting onto flat surfaces where we will learn to felt designs onto a felt fabric (this will be supplied)  and convert this into a cool mug cover for you to take home.
2. Felting 3 dimensional shapes and joining them.  Make simple shapes such as balls, hearts and cones then join them to make desired creations such as brooches, animals etc.

The cost of $40.00 including GST covers the workshop with Cintia.

You will need to supply the following:
-Wool roving
-Pads (brush or foam)
-Needles (a few different sizes would be good)

If you do not have your own materials, they will all be available to purchase on the day of workshop.

Where: 41 Main Road, Monbulk
When: Thursday 28th November, 2013
Time: 10.30am to 1pm

For more details call 03 7952 1114

Places are limited so don't miss out.  Book now online.

Handmade Kris Kringle 2013

I'm really excited to be doing Handmade Kris Kringle again.

This year you also have the option of being part of our in store Kris Kringle.
This Kris Kringle works a little differently than a swap. The item you receive will not be from the person you made for and you won't know who that person is until you're ready to send it. We are really mixing up the love.
This year's theme is a handmade CHRISTMAS DECORATION.
It can be in any form of craft - knitting, crochet, paper, embroidery, fabric, felt ANYTHING!
Here's how it will work:
•Register your details in the form box below - entries close Thursday, 31st October, 2013. I will also send out a confirmation email with a summary of what you need to do.
•Make a handmade Christmas Decoration by Friday 22nd November, 2013 at the very latest (to allow for international post).
• If playing online : Once your gift is completed, just send through a quick email to me and I will forward the address details of the person you are to post the Kris Kringle gift to. Earlier the better. I have designed it this way to ensure those that have made & sent a gift - receive one!
If playing via the Monbulk Store : Gifts will be distributed during the week Monday 2nd December to Saturday 7th commencing at the Christmas Haby Hour morning on Monday 2nd. If you are able to drop your gifts off earlier that would be fantastic. If you can't make it to this morning, call in anytime during the week to drop off your gift and collect one for yourself.
•All parcels must be posted by Monday 2nd December, 2013.
•Kris Kringle is open to both Australian & International Haby Goddess friends so please let me know via the sign up form whether or not you are happy to post internationally.
•You are more than welcome to share details of your gift that you made or received with your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter pages. I will do regular updates sharing pics and details along the way.
Register your details for The Haby Goddess Kris Kringle HERE!
Your privacy is assured. The details from this form will be viewed only by me. I will forward only your postal address to the sender of your gift. Not your email.
You are welcome however to include whatever details you feel comfortable with when sending your gift.
Any questions, just reply to this email.

Here's a reminder of some of the items made last time.  
Our theme was Christmas Red & White.

School Holiday Crafty Sessions

Looking for a great way to entertain the kids these Melbourne school holidays?

Why not drop them off here at The Haby Goddess for a crafty session?
You can then spend the time exploring The Dandenong's.  Visit one of the local cafes or browse the shops.
The weather is fining up so make a day of it and call into the Tulip Festival just around the corner on your way home or pack a picnic lunch.

Make It Timber Cross Stitch kit class (8+)
Tuesday 24th September & Tuesday 1st October
10.30am - 12.30pm

We will complete one of the six designs from the Make It Timber Cross Stitch Kit range.
$25 includes the cost of class and kit. Details here.

Tween sewing class - Simple Tote Bag (8+)
Wednesday 25th September
10am - 12.30pm

The first thing many young sewers start off making is bags.  I'll give them a simple pattern and show them how to finish this project off properly.

Teen sewing class - Accessories Pamper Pack
Thursday 26th September
10am - 1pm

What teenager doesn't like to spend time in front of the mirror, painting nails and pampering herself? We will convert a simple towel into a set of pamper accessories including an eye mask, headband for those all important facials, an appliqued handtowel and facewasher.
$35 all materials included.

Family Craft Morning – Thursday 3rd October
10.00am – 11.30am

Little ones can spend the morning with Mum, Dad, Nana & siblings etc doing craft. I will set up a large selection of crafting activities catered for an age range of 4-10.
Price per family is only $15.

To book call Jodie on 9752 1114 or 0408 536 743
All classes are held at 41 Main Road, Monbulk   Vic    3793

Last chance to book for Mini Embroidery Hoop Workshop

These adorable kits have been a hit since arriving here at The Haby Goddess.
I'm so excited that the bubbly creator Sonia from Dandelyne will be joining me at the Monbulk store to host a workshop tomorrow, Saturday 14th September, 1pm - 3pm
It's a wonderful opportunity to meet the maker behind these unique kits.
Choose the kit of your choose and complete it in the 2 hour workshop. 
Everything will be supplied, you don't need to bring a thing! Fabric, floss, working hoops, needle, transfer designs and loads of inspiration is included.

You don't need to be an experienced stitcher, Sonia will be covering all the basics within the workshop.
Cost is $25 for the workshop plus the kit of your choice ($12.80 - $19.00). 
Create a mini piece of art that you can wear.
There are only a few places left so don't miss out.
Workshop held at 41 Main Road, Monbulk, Vic 
Need more details? Call Jodie on 03 9752 1114

Celebrate our birthday during the month of September!

5 years ago The Haby Goddess started as a blog to showcase all things Haberdashery.
Since then it has grown into an online store, online sewing school and recently a retail store in the outskirts of Melbourne.

It has never felt like work and I've met many wonderful people over the last 5 years.  I'm constantly blown away by the amount of support I receive from customers, suppliers and crafty friends.

To say thank you, I'm celebrating for the whole month of September with Giveaways and a Party.

There are 5 giveaways, one for each year.

Giveaway one: Win back your entire purchase from either the online or retail store (up to the value of $150 including postage).

All you need to do is make a purchase in The Haby Goddess online store or Monbulk retail store during September 1 and September 30 and you will automatically be entered into the draw.  This includes bookings for workshops too! One lucky winner will be drawn and notified Tuesday 1st October. Funds will be either refunded back into paypal account if it's an online winner or be given as a cash refund if it is a retail store winner.

Winner: Karen (in store purchase)

Giveaway two: Win a place in the next round of Sew School Online starting October 14th (value $79). 

To enter head over to and become a subscriber.  All new subscribers from 1 September to 30 September will be entered into the draw.  Winner drawn and notified Tuesday 1st October, 2013

Winner: Becky

Giveaway three: Win the new collection of crochet & knitting patterns from Australian Country Spinners - nine titles (valued at $90) and

Giveaway four: Win a 3 pack of Sewing Patterns from Colette, Bluegingerdoll & Make it Perfect Patterns. (valued at $62.50)

To win  giveawaysthree and four enter via the Rafflecopter widget below:

Giveaway five:  Win a pack of gorgeous party supplies (valued at $33) 

This is an in store prize only.
Winner : Ngaire Brown

The Party!

No birthday is complete without cake, champagne & gifts!
It will be held on Friday 13th September at the Monbulk Store.
Starts 2pm until 5pm.
There will be lucky dips plus all visitors will go in the draw to win Giveaway 5.

Are you allowing good business practices to become watered down.

My Sunday morning ritual is to make breakfast, grab my fully charged laptop and head back to bed for a bit before the girls head to basketball training.  I catch up on blogs, social media and pin all the goodies I've found to Pinterest.

Last Sunday I almost spilt my latte everywhere when I came across a competitor who was not being exactly 'competitor friendly'.  After spewing my rant to my poor husband beside me and with my fingers ready to dial the offending person, my husband starting questioning ME and asked why it had happened.

As it turned out, I'd left my business exposed and not protected. Call it laziness or being too busy, this was a wake call that I needed to take more care.

Many images on The Haby Goddess online store are taken & edited by me.  Part of my branding is beautiful clear images and if a supplier cannot supply these then I take my own.  Now you are never going to stop others using what is not theirs and I'm not even going to try to decipher copyright laws for images online but if had taken a few steps then others can't argue they didn't know! I would also be in my right to then approach them and ask them to remove the images.

I failed to mention any copyright or Creative Commons License on my site, that these images were in fact taken by me not the supplier and are not available for others to use without my permission.  I will not watermark my images as I feel this would spoil the look and feel of The Haby Goddess but upon saving my images I had also failed to include The Haby Goddess in the labeling.  I'm in the process of understanding all the associated rules and then will rectify them within my store.

It's natural to become a little too comfortable and let details slide. Some tasks are so mundane that over time we start to eliminate them from our routines altogether. Sometimes if we don't fully understand the rules it's easier just to ignore it.  It's not until we have a problem that we realise the importance of them.

I now have a renewed energy for these tasks as I can see their purpose.

Do you have business practices that are becoming watered down?

First knitting project for the season finished!

I thought I might not get to wear this chevron cowl until next winter the way I was going!
But after sewing in what seemed like hundreds of ends, it's done and keeping me toasty warm.

I used Pattern 12 'Chevron Cowl' from the Cleckheaton Hats & Scarves Pattern Book.

It was labeled easy and was.  I would consider myself a beginner knitter and there were terms I had not done before but I was able to find some great YouTube videos to help - listed below.

PSSO - pass slip stitch over 

The pattern recommends Cleckheaton Country 8 Ply 50g balls using 6.5mm needles $4.50 per ball.
I used Heirlooom 8ply Alpaca in colours 964 - green , 988 cream & 954 bark - 2 balls of each, using 5mm needles. $8.50 per ball

I knitted 8 repeats of the pattern and it measured a bit over the required 120cm in length.  I was concerned that it wasn't going to be long enough and was almost going to knit another sequence but I'm glad I didn't as the yarn has stretched in it's first few wears and now sits exactly how I want it to.

The only pain was sewing in all the ends as the pattern recommends you break off yarn after completing each stripe.  This took forever!

I love it.  It's warm and was easy to knit. I like how the Chevron pattern actually matches up when doubled.

New to sewing?

This quick video shows those that are new to sewing, a tip most of us more experienced sewers never think about as it becomes second nature!

When one of my Sew Schoolers mentioned it, I was reminded that other students in the Monbulk classes had also needed to be shown.

Want to learn all the basics to sewing from the comfort of your own home?
Check out Sew School Online. A six week course including lessons, charts & projects sheets.
Next enrolment intake is open!

Tips for understanding Sewing Patterns (Part 2)

After a free in house workshop on Understanding Sewing patterns, I'm putting together a series of blog posts summarising the main points we discussed.

Following on from Part 1 where we discussed choosing the right pattern, fabric and size, today we look at tips for basic pattern adjustments and reading your pattern.

How to: Finish off sewing cuffs.

Adding a cuff to the bottom of pants, a skirt hem or sleeves is a quick and easy way to add a unique finish, especially if you a contrasting fabric. I've added one above to my new flannel Pj bottoms.

The key to a great cuff is ensuring the inner seams are covered and finished off correctly.

Here's how it's done.....

Pressing Perfect Seams

Don't you hate it when you're almost finished a project, have turned it all in the right way but when you press your seams, the fabric folds inwards?

Here is a little tips to help you get beautiful seams and a professional finish.

Take a large knitting needle or crochet hook.  Place it in between the two pieces of fabric and gently run the needle along the seam stitching pushing it outward.  Press as you go.

Be careful not to use a pointy object that will go through the fabric and make a hole or tear your stitching!

New Product: Miniature Embroidery Hoop Kits

I get excited about all products that arrived here at The Haby Goddess but when it's as awesome as these from a local gal, it's even more exciting!

Melbourne based Sonia from Dandelyne has responded to the pleas from her customers and created a DIY Miniature Embroidery Hoop Kit. Measuring in at only 4cm/1.6" or 5.5cm/2.2" they will become a talking point whenever you wear them.

Now you can add your own cross stitch, embroidery or applique designs and wear them as a brooch or necklace.

Head to the online store for all the details.

Top Tips for understanding Sewing Patterns (Part 1)

When you are new to the wonderful world of sewing, reading and understanding sewing patterns can be a little overwhelming.

The Haby Goddess recently held an in house workshop going over the basics. Over the next few weeks, I'll publish some helpful blog posts to make the job of reading sewing patterns a little less daunting.

Choosing the right pattern.

Most patterns come with a rating from beginners to advanced but don't just accept that this will be suitable to your skill level.

Here's some handy questions to ask yourself:
  • Are you confident with all the techniques the pattern requires? Have you added a fly zip or slash pockets before?
  • Does your machine have all the attachments for the techniques needed? A walking foot, zip & buttonhole attachment are the most common.
  • What fabric is recommended? Is it a knit or silky fabric that can be harder for beginners to sew with? Is the fabric they suggest readily available.
  • Is it multi sized or do you need to buy a specific size?
  • Do you need additional supplies to trace the pattern? Some independent pattern makers print back to back so you can't cut them out.
  • Does this pattern suit your shape. Go through your wardrobe, you know what is comfortable.  Try to start with styles that are safe and you will know will work.
Deciphering the back of a pattern envelope.
  • This will tell you what and how much fabric you will need and any additional notions such as zips, linings, interfacing etc.
  • Body measurements are given so that you can determine which size to make.  Do not assume that the sizing of the commercially purchased clothing you wear will be the same as sewing patterns. US, UK & Australian sizing all vary and are not standard. It's a good idea to already have measured at home so you have all this info ready at the fabric store. Download this handy Body Measurements Reference card exclusive to Haby Goddess readers.

  • In many cases you will fall in between sizes.  Bone structure, garment design and fabric selection can all play a part.  Does fabric have any give (fabric cut on bias have more stretch), can buttonhole be moved over, are you shorter/petite with a smaller bone structure? Cup size is also something to consider.  Most commercial patterns are only B cup.  Colette Patterns are a C so again, nothing is standard - no wonder sewing patterns scare the life out of beginners!
  • Commercial patterns have two versions, one English (imperial - inches/yards) and the other in either French/Spanish (metric - cm/metres).  So to determine the amount of fabric I need I refer to the metric side of the pattern.
  • Fabrics come in different widths so you also need to allow for this.
Before I cut into my pattern and fabric, I often Google the details.  It is very likely you will find reviews from sewers like you and me on forums and blogs.  Many will mention if the pattern sizing runs small/big, if something didn't work and many will offer suggestions on making the job easier and variations to try.

Some independent pattern makers will have additional instructions by way of blog posts etc on their websites explaining techniques - Colette Patterns are well known for this.  Some even  have sew-alongs.  You could also shoot through a quick email if you were really stuck or had a question before purchasing their pattern.

Next time: You have selected a size and bought your fabric - what to do next?

Do you to learn all the basic to machine sewing but don't have the time for conventional classes? Check out Sew School Online with The Haby Goddess.  A six week online course with 30 lessons, projects & bonus charts.

The Haby Goddess has a great School Holiday Program of classes for the Kids including knitting, sewing & craft for a range of ages.

So with some time on your hands while the kids get crafty, here's a few suggestions on what you can do while in the hills!

1. Retail Therapy.  Browse the town's retail stores which include shoes, clothing, home and gift ware.
2. With 4 bakeries and a number of great cafes, enjoy a relaxing cuppa or morning tea.
3. Pamper yourself by getting your nails or hair done in one of our many salons.
4. Enjoy a beautiful walk on one of the many tracks in the Hills.
5. Visit The Road Stall for the freshest flowers or a local nursery
6. It is only a short drive to Kallista, Olinda and Belgrave.
7. Join in one of the group classes of boot camp, boxing or circuit.

Here is a full list of the school holiday classes available.
Or call 03 9752 11114 for more details.
All classes are held at The Haby Goddess retail store at 41 Main Road, Monbulk.

Do you have problems reading sewing patterns?

One thing I've notice while teaching Sewing School Online and the Beginners Sewing Classes in store, is that reading sewing patterns cause fear among the beginner sewers. They can be a little overwhelming when first starting out.
So I'm having a free in store presentation going step by step through reading sewing patterns.
We will look at patterns from commercial companies, independent designers & Japanese pattern books.
It will include basic adjustments, adding seam allowances, transferring markings plus more.
This will be held on Saturday 22nd June from 10.30am to 11.30am. 
41 Main Road, Monbulk 
T: 03 9752 1114
For all my Haby followers who are not local, I will also be writing a blog post after the event summarising the main points discussed.
As my little shop can only hold so many people, I will be limiting numbers. So don't miss out and get your name on the list by ringing or emailing your details to

Yarn in The Dandenong's

Did you know that The Haby Goddess retail store stocks a great range of yarn?

Rowan's Felted Tweed, Felted Tweed Aran, Kidsilk Haze

Cleckheaton - Country, Artisan, California, Merino Angora Silk, Vintage Country Blends

Heirloom - 8ply Alpaca, Baby Wool, Easy Care, Bamboo

We also stock a large range of Paton's Jet, Inca & Bluebell 5ply

Knitting & crochet accessories along with pattern books & magazines, to give you all the inspiration you need!
So make a day out in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges or if you're a local, you can now stay on the mountain for all your yarn & supplies.

The Haby Goddess store is located at 
41 Main Road, Monbulk   Vic  3793
T: (03) 9752 1114

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thurs 9am - 4pm
Tues, Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat 9am - 1pm

How to make: Wooden Spool Pincushions

I love wooden sewing spools as they instantly add the cute factor to any craft room.

Today I had a play with adding a simple pincushion top to the spools.  Great for using up scrap pieces of fabric and they take very little time to do.

Add some pretty trim and you have a great, inexpensive gift for that hard to buy for friend. Or do a set for  and yourself have all your trims, pins and embroidery threads organised in no time.

Here's how to make them:

{Giveaway} "Name our Social Craft Group"

We are having our first social crafting group at the shop this Monday 5th June but we don't have a name!
So I need a little help from all my creative friends.

Can you think of a fun name which represents a group of crafters getting together for a cuppa, chat and a bit of crafting thrown in?

You have until Monday 5th June 8am AEST to submit your suggestion in the comments below.
I will select a group of 'finalists' to submit to the group and we will have a ballot to determine a winner.

The winner will receive a Haby Goddess Goodies Pack to the value of $50.
This giveaway is open world wide.
**If your signature in comments doesn't lead me to contact details, please leave email details or email them to**

This giveaway is also available in store.

If you would like to be part of our crafting group, we would love to have you!
It's on the 1st Monday of every month.  
Starting Monday 3rd June, 2013 at 10.30am.
41 Main Road, Monbulk.
T: 03 7952 1114
There is no charge but a gold coin towards some yummy morning tea is appreciated.

Crochet a beanie for less than $8

With the scarves & boots well and truly out in Melbourne, I've also jumped on the beanie band wagon.
Yesterday at the store, we started our 2 week beanie workshop.  I was so inspired that I went home and completely finished it off.

Oh well, looks like I will just have to make another one next week in Lesson 2!

They are really simple to make and cost next to nothing.

All you need is 1 ball of wool (I used Cleckheaton Country 8 ply - Col 2292) plus a size 5mm crochet hook.
For less than $8 and a few hours work, you will have yourself an awesome little beanie.

Add embellishments such as buttons, flowers, different trims. I added a timber button from the online store.

The pattern I used above is from our beanie workshop but Crafter Chick has a range of basic patterns in all sizes.
You can then add a trim of your choice to finish it off.  I added a scalloped edge.  You can learn how to do it here.

Pinterest is another fantastic source of crochet beanie patterns.

We are holding an embellishments workshop at the Monbulk retail store on Wednesday 5th June, 10am - 2pm.  For details and to book online, head to the online store.

How to use an envelope template

This inexpensive envelope template creates little pockets quickly & easily.
Make them to house little notes, gift cards or trinkets.
Here are the instructions....

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