Sewing Tutorial: Adding a simple front placket

I received an email from Anne-Marie of Return to Eden, asking for a tutorial on doing a simple placket opening on a dress/top like this divine Love ST dress from Gold Coast designer Tara Fletcher.

It is a really simple alteration that can be adapted to any pattern with a solid front cut on the fold.

  • When cutting your front fabric piece on the fold, add a small notch at the fold to match with your placket
  • Using a piece of tracing paper, trace the neckline shape and include notch
  • Finish the rest of your placket pattern by taking it down as far as you would like the opening to be.  This is also depend on how low your neckline is.
  • The bottom of the placket pattern can be round or square.  It can also be much wider than the one I have done. 
  • Cut out your placket pattern and place it on the fold of fabric and cut 1
  • Check that the notches match and it is the right length & width.
  • Finish off the raw edges by either overlocking or using your zig zag stitch
  • Place your placket on top of your fabric.  Right sides together.
  • Draw in two stitching lines and curve the bottom.  I have made quite a large curve but it doesn't need to be this big.  If you want it smaller, taper the bottom of the lines.
  • Stitch around the line marking

  • Cut down the centre of the two lines until to reach the bottom stitching - careful not to sew through.
  • Clip curved corner, and press back seams
  • Adding a top seam is optional.
  • Finish off neckline as per your pattern or add casing to thread through ties as per picture above.
Here's some more inspiration:

This Kaftan Sewing Pattern from Make it Perfect includes a placket opening

 A Kaftan from Swimwear Galore and an Asian Style Tunic from Shihar 


Suzie from said...

Great tutorial Jodie! thanks for sharing. I'm on a mission at the moment to start making my own clothes so I'll have to file this one away! :)

Susan Snooks said...

Very nifty! I must remember this for next time!

CurlyPops said...

Perfect! Bookmarking this for future reference. Being rather large in the chest, it's difficult to find a pattern with a low enough neckline to be flattering and comfy. This solves that problem. Thankyou!

Return To Eden said...

You are truly fantastic - I wish I could spend time with you and learn all that you know. Thank you for this tutorial, you have done a fantastic job and it is no longer a mystery for me. I can not thank you enough.

sewing Grandma said...

I have been sewing for over 50 years and this is s very neat way of doing this ,,,,thank you sewing Grandma