Product Review: MOD PODGE Sheer Paint

Coloured bottles are very popular at the moment. 
Now you can make your own in vibrant colours with Mod Podge Sheer Paint.
Use cute little milk bottles, mason jars or re-use jars from your pantry.
Read on for all the details on how to use this product.

All you need is some clean bottles/jars and a bottle of of Mod Podge Sheer Paint.

They come in a range of colours and are available from The Haby Goddess online and retail store.

Squeeze a generous amount of paint in the bottom on the bottle.
A small 200ml milk bottle will use 2-3 tbs.

The paint is a thick & milky texture and at the beginning you don't think you will have enough to cover.
You need to be patient, it's not a quick process.

Continue rolling bottle around until is it fully covered.

I then held the bottle over a bowl of water for the excess to run out.

Stand the bottle in a plastic bowl/paper plate to let the excess drain.  
Leave overnight.
The next day when it has drained,  stand bottle up the right way and leave to dry. It is dry when the milky appearance disappears and you are left with a transparent colour.

One of the negatives regarding this product was the length of time it took to dry.
Taking into account that the shop is a cool space in winter, I needed to use a hair dryer to finish off the drying process.  It took a week but would of been less had I used the dryer sooner.

I had read to use a craft knife to cut away the excess paint from the bottle lip but ignored this tip and picked at it.  The result is the paint peels and your edge will be left like this.  It is a little like a thin rubber film that will tear when pulled at.

You also need to ensure there are no air bubbles like this when rolling the paint.  They don't disappear in the drying process.

 This is an indication of how much paint I used for different sized bottles.  A large 1 litre size bottle will use close to half a bottle of paint (red).  A small 200ml bottle used approximately a 1/5th.

This was not a sponsored post. 
As a retailer I like to have used the products I sell in both my online and bricks & mortar store.

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