Hoooked Zpagetti Macrame Hanger

A craft project that had been on my list for a while was to make a Macrame holder using the Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn.  
Having never done any macrame knots before, I search all the usual places of Pinterest, Craftgawker, Youtube etc looking for tutorials and plant holder patterns.

There are loads and I needed to use a combination of many to work out how to do them.
The pattern I used comes from the This Years Dozen blog.

 I used Hoooked Zpagetti in Mint Green - available in The Haby Goddess online store.
You would get 2-3 hangers out of one cone.

The only other item you need is a metal ring.  As I didn't have one on hand I used a soft bangle.  Not ideal as it bent out of shape with the weight of the glass bowl.

The glass bowl here is approximately 35cm round and this hanger was 130cm in height BEFORE the bowl is added.
The Zpagetti has a LOT of stretch, much more than a jute/rope. It will stretch even further once something is added to the bowl. 
Next time I will make my knots a lot tighter to reduce some of the stretch and make it smaller.

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Lisa Zinza said...

I love your site!! You are one creative gal!!!