Recycled Magazine Stockings

Put all those old magazines to good use.  
Read on to see how to make them into Christmas Stocking gift bags.

Gather old magazines, Melways or road maps.

You won't need many supplies.
Double sided tape or glue.  Blade knife or paper cutter.
Threaded sewing machine.

Make a template of a simple stocking shape, it can be any size.  You may wish to keep it simple and use only 1 A4 sized page.  If you are joining pieces of magazine together, make large enough to cover the stocking size.

Lay your template over the joined magazine sheets, trace and cut out a front and back piece.

Set your machine to a wide zig zag and place the wrong sides together.
Sew around the outer margin of your stocking leaving a 3/8" seam allowance.

Using a pair of pinking shears, trim away along the seam allowance and across the top of the stocking.

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sister outlaws said...

Brilliant! Can I pin this to my eco Christmas ideas?