20 things you didn't know about me

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1. I have a heart murmur.  It was detected when I was a child and doesn't cause me any issues.

2. I won 1st prize at the Dandenong Agricultural show when I was about 8 years old for a flower arrangement on a plate ( having my grandmother on the show committee may have had something to do with this).

3. I did competitive Calistenics until I was 18.  I'm horrible at any sports that involved a ball and spent much of my softball years on the bench!

4. I don't really eat fruit and can go weeks without eating any.  I eat a lot of nuts.

5. During my Year 12 VCE exam I inadvertently packed up my Economics exam paper and took it home.  They accepted it but I failed.

6. Started going out with my husband when I was 15.

7. When deciding on a name for The Haby Goddess, my husband offered the suggestion "Haber Daber Doo". It was quickly scraped!

8. After my 1st daughter was born I started a horticultural course and worked in a nursery.  I also volunteered  at Healesville Sanctuary Zoo in the horticultural department.

9. I cry a lot.  I am a very emotional person.

10. My house is very non-crafty which surprises a lot of people when they visit considering the business I'm in.

11. I wanted to be an accountant and deferred my uni offer to do a business degree.  I never went back.

12. I'm not necessarily a religious person but I do believe in the power of positive thinking.

13. I currently have a foot injury from recently taking up running.  I had wanted to complete in a fun run during 2014 but it's not likely now.

14. My hair is naturally curly but I straighten it every day.  Something my daughter also does.

15. I have never been to a clairvoyant. It's not that I don't believe, I'm just scared of what they will tell me.

16. When visiting the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City in my early 20's, I chose not to go inside.  Instead I sat out on the front steps more interested in watching the gypsies.  A decision I obviously regret now.

17. My first ever job was working at an ice-cream parlour.  When I got the job, I wasn't old enough to start working and had to wait.  Since then I have never been a day without a job or working for myself.

18. I achieved a long jump record at Little Aths. Over the years, my parents would laugh saying I had imagined it.  Recently I found my old athletic sticker book, and there it was!

19. In 2005 I created a children's handmade accessory business called Poss Bloss.  I operated Poss Bloss simultaneously with The Haby Goddess from 2008 until 2011.

20. I designed my dream wedding dress and had the pattern drafted after a number of fittings. In the end it all became way too hard so I went to Chadstone and bought a short 50's style coat dress off the rack.

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