It doesn't always cost more to shop local

A common misconception about shopping local is that it costs more.
I often hear people say "I'm happy to pay a little more and support local businesses", when this isn't always the case.

I love hearing surprised customers tell me how "good" my prices are.  Do you notice how the large retailers always seem to be having a sale or mid season clearance? This often just brings the price of products back to the true RRP.

Here's just a couple of examples of price differences between The Haby Goddess and a craft retail leader. 

Cleckheaton Artisan 12ply Them $8.49 - The Haby Goddess $6.60
Patons Gigante Them $13.99 - The Haby Goddess $12.95
Patons Jet 12ply Them $7.99 - The Haby Goddess $6.80

Here are few more reasons to shop local:

1. Specialised, friendly and familiar service.

2. Close to home and you save time travelling.

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