Today's all about bias binding

Post Update: The Haby Goddess has completed many bias binding tutorials since this post was published back in 2010.  Have a look at these great posts also :

1. How to sew on Bias Binding
2. A tutorial for adding bias to mitred corners
3. Adding bias to curves
4.How to add bias to your inside edge

More fabulous bias binding colours have been added to the online store. This bias is a high quality polycotton 20mm single fold bias. 20mm bias is not usually available in retail stores and I have it custom made. Perfect for making bunting, edging quilts or any other sewing project.
This range of Polly Danger bias is handmade using vintage inspired fabrics. It is double folded and 12mm in it's finished state (3 yards per pack)
Or make your own bias with this Clover bias tape maker, again available in The Haby Goddess online store.

Here is a great YouTube video showing you how easy it is to cut your own bias.

I did try looking for an easy to follow tutorial on applying bias but was not able to do so. I will prepare one for you later this week.


Cass said...

Not sure if this is what you were looking for but it's a great tutorial

clare's craftroom said...

Love the vintage look binding !