Tutorial: Mitred Bias Corners

In the final of this mini series of bias binding posts - the first two are here & here - we tackle mitred corners.  In particular we are looking at the method for double stitched application instead of just the single row cheats way.

  a. Sew your first row of stitching and stop at the end leaving a margin the same width as your bias' first fold line.
b. Fold your bias back so you have a 45 degree angle
c. May a fold at the fabric edge and bring bias back over
d. Align your bias with the edge of your fabric in the direction you are about to sew.

Pull back your bias to find your end point of stitching.  This will then become your starting point for the next side.

Starting at the point I showed you, sew along your next side.

Once sewn, if you turn over your fabric it will look a little like this.  Mine didn't quite match but it still worked fine because the two margins or seam allowances were the same.

Clip the corner to reduce bulk.

When you turn your fabric over it will naturally form a mitred corner on the under side.

Pin your bias, following the rules I mentioned in the first blog post I did on bias.

Fold in your corners like above, it will start to form naturally.

Play around until the mitre forms a right angle with your fabric.  Pin to secure.
Sew the top stitching row as normal, placing your needle down into the corners and pivoting.

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