Tutorial: Adding bias to curves

Continuing on from last week where I showed you how to add bias and always catch the back, this week we look at adding bias to curves.

Set your iron with the steam turned off (you don't want to burn yourself) and press the bias to the curve you are needing to sew.

Pressing the bias into a curve shape will help you get a nice, neat finish.

Normally you align your bias edge to the fabric edge.  With curves I find it works better if your bias is overlapping the fabric edge a little.  Because you can't see the fabric edge you must pin or you will run off.
Sew on the bias as normal (in the first pressed fold).

Once finished, turn over, fold bias back and press.

Fold over bias to just overlap the stitching line and sew.  Make sure you sew above the first stitching line if you want the back to catch.
Because bias has stretch, gentle pull the bias as you sew so it won't bunch your fabric at the curved end.

Give a good press.

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Rie said...

You have such great toots Jodie, have you ever thought about videoing them & having your own YouTube channel? Or maybe a Vimeo channel - where people would need a password to access them (like subscribers or something like that).

Amy said...

ummmm.... I am late to the party here, but TURN OFF THE STEAM???? I could have saved myself soooo many sore fingers if I had just thought of that one obvious thing. And then, iron the bias to the curve you want!
Even better!!

Roxanne said...

Great toot... as are the others of yours I have read!!!!! Thanks!!