Meet the awesome brands behind out latest pop up store!

We have packed our bags and followed the sun for our latest pop up store adventure.
Hug Me Harry & The Haby Goddess along with a group of clever friends will occupy 
55a Thompson Avenue, Cowes, Phillip Island Vic until Sunday 27th January, 2013
Meet the fantastic brands that are joining us below.


Maria said...

What a wonderful range of items for sale Jodie! I'm just sorry that Brisbane is just so far away from Phillip Is.

Catherine said...

I've been wondering why I hadn't seen any updates from your blog - for some reason I can't see you in my feed. Will have to re-follow!

I know you've put together an eBook about markets, so you have any tips for pop-up shops? I've been thinking about having one, but a bit unsure how :)