10 reasons why you need to enrol in Sew School Online!

Here's 10 reasons why enrolling in Sew School Online is an awesome idea!
 It starts this Monday.

1. You won't need a babysitter.  Sew School can be worked in around your family - when they are in bed of an evening, having an afternoon nap or at school/kinder.

2. You don't need to be online at a particular time. If you work full time or have other commitments, it's not a problem.  You will have 24 hour access to the closed site to complete lessons at your leisure.

3. All lessons are downloadable.  While there are some accompanying video's, all lessons can be printed out so you can have then next to you as you work.  They can all be copied over to your computer for future reference once the course is complete.

4. It's affordable.  Where can you get 30+ lessons, charts & projects with all the help you need for only $79 (AUD)?

5. You are not on your own. Ask as many questions via the comments sections or on the private Facebook page.

6. You can catch up if you fall a little behind.  We are all busy and sometimes life just gets in the way.  There is a catch up week between weeks 3 & 4 plus one at the end of week 6.

7. Become part of our community. Sewers are a friendly lot and love to offer support.  You can interact with others via the gallery, comments sections and the Facebook page.

8. There is no travelling.  Living on the outskirts of the suburbs, I know exactly how hard it can be to get to classes in the city.  For me, with a family it was almost impossible.

9.  Satisfaction! Whether you're sewing for yourself, family or loved ones, the joy of having made it yourself will be fantastic.

10. Expand your business. If you are a small crafty business wanting to expand your range from basic accessories and take your products to the next level.  This beginners sewing course will help you do that.

That's it! Nothing more to say. 

If you need a recap of what Sew School Online is all about then head to the Course Details page.

But if you are all ready to catch the February 4 start date, enrol here.

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