Make : Grow : Thrift

This week's Make : Grow : Thrift comes compliments of Miss 13 and friend.
A no school day seen them have some fun with Tie Dying singlet tops.
They did a great job. Now they just need a little bit more sun so they can wear them!

 Did you have something that was Made : Grown : Thrifted this week? 
Please share below, we would love to hear about it. 

Each Monday you can link to a post on your blog sharing with us something that is handmade, homegrown, homemade (such as a recipe) or recycled/thrifted.

This does not need to be craft or sewing based. This is all about making our lives a little greener week by week.
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1 comment:

Maria said...

Great tie dyed tops girls! Love them; such beautiful colours :-)