Product Review: Pillow Talk by Lynne Wilson Designs

Sewing pattern cards are becoming quite popular and Pillow Talk by Lynne Wilson Designs is great one to start with.  It has instructions for 3 basic pillow (cushion) designs that have overlapping pieces on the back so you don't need to add a zip.  They are quick and easy.

Today I made up the square pillow pattern but added a variation of my own. 
Here's how....

Instead of plain front panels I gathered them into ruffles which was quite easy to do as I used a satin fabric.

If you want to give this variation a go, just add an extra 3 inches to the height of the top front side panels on the square pillow pattern.
Carefully sew in your gathering rows downwards across the entire width of your pieces (my rows are 2cm apart).  This is time consuming but the results are stunning.
Gather each row until you have the required width for each piece (5 inches + a 1/2 inch to fold hems )
DO NOT CUT YOUR THREADS OFF - if you do it will all come undone. I folded and pressed a narrow hem twice and did a small zig zag stitch to encase thread ends. If you are really worried about them coming undone you can tie off the ends but this will take time.

Make the rest of the pillow up as per instructions.
I loved the result.  The pattern card is easy to follow and it went together well.
While this project took quite a while to do because of the gathering, if I was just making it plain as per pattern they would seriously take very little time at all. 
Pillow Talk pattern card is available in The Haby Goddess online store.


Robintail said...

It looks fantastic Jodie!! I am just wondering what exactly a pattern card is, is it a set of instructions or something? Sorry if I sound a little silly!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Megan, they are a set of instructions on a simple card. The Pillow Talk pattern card has 3 different pillow pattern variations. They don't come with patterns only instructions :)

Robintail said...

I thought so but wasn't 100% certain :-)Thank you for letting me know :-)

CurlyPops said...

Loving those satin ruffles - what a fabulous effect!

Maria said...

Very impressive results Jodie; a very elegant pillow cover!