To Stitch in the Ditch

I'd been putting off adding the backing fabric to the quilt I'm making Miss 13 as I thought that it was going to be a lot more difficult than it actually was.

I quilted the wading to each individual square as I wanted the quilted squares to alternate vertical & horizontal stitching.  This meant I needed to stitch in the ditch to add the backing fabric and hold it in place.

I used a nice weight quilting fabric for the backing which was very wide, as the quilt is to fit a double bed.
The best tip I can give for adding the backing to a quilt is that you can't over pin it! Add more pins than you think you need to secure the two pieces (or three normally - two fabric & one wading).

To stitch in the ditch simply means to sew in between the two pieces of joined fabric on the existing seam.
As you sew, gently open up the seam with your hands so you can get as close as you can to the original stitching.
I turned my machine pedal to slow for this and used my walking foot.

Now I'm off to make my binding and finally finish this quilt - I have less than 48 hours to get it finished & wrapped under the Christmas tree!

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Linda said...

Dont forget to photo the finished quilt i would love to see it.