Using your Walking Foot Guide Arm

Every time I've purchased a walking foot, and yes I've purchased a few, the first thing I do is throw the guide arm into one of my sewing boxes to gather dust.

A little while ago I shared with you how I was making a quilt for my daughter.  I'm quilting each square as I go and could of really done with one of those guide arms that I had carelessly discarded.
Well, while I was searching through my things for something else I found one.  I was soooo excited.  As a result I have been motoring through the squares and they are almost ready to piece together.
In case you haven't used an arm before, here's what you do.

The guide arm is a separate metal attachment. This is a walking foot for a Jamone so other machine attachments may vary.

 Firmly push arm into place and slide out to the measurement you require.

The guide arm should rest on the stitching line, fabric edge or seam that you are wanting to use as your guide.  Then sew, the guide will glide over your fabric. 
Say goodbye to wonky lines.


little love said...

Ahhh! I was looking at mine the other day & had no idea how to use it! I've been wanting to make my very first quilt & had been puting it off because I just knew my quilting lines would be crooked if I tried but now I think I'll be ok! Yay! Thanks xx

Linda said...

hee hee i havent thrown mine out and its attached but i never knew what its exact purpose was (and i was only using it yesterday). Now i know, thanks Jodie.