Turn your favourite magazines into placemats

Instead of having your magazines sit in a pile gathering dust, use your favourite pages and create these quick & easy PVC covered placemats.  
Frankie magazines are well read in our house as Mr HG & Miss 13 also love them. Now these amazing images and stories can be part of our meal times too. But you can use whatever magazines you read.

You'll need:
Clear PVC - 8g (available from fabric retailers/Clark Rubber/think even Bunnings may sell it)
A sewing machine

Carefully pull out your favourite pages. 
Straight up the edges (I used a papercutter)

The placemat will be two pages wide.  Slightly overlap your pages and stick together with either a smidgen of glue or double sided tape.  This is really just so they don't come apart before sewing.
Cut two pieces per mat of the PVC.  Make them larger than the pages so you have quite a good margin to place a couple of pins. This process is similar to the Storybook Bunting I did for a subscribers newsletter a few months back.

Sew around the edge of all four sides with a straight stitch.  See my related posts below for tips on sewing with PVC.

Cut excess PVC from the edge and you are done!
These can be simply wiped down after use.  Probably not suitable for young ones that may spills drinks etc as liquid could seep between the stitching. Do not soak.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!! I love this!! Just curious when you sew around are you sewing on the magazine and PVC or just around the magazine pages and on the PVC?

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Hi Stacey,
The magazine pages are in between two layers of PVC so when you sew, you sew all three layers together to make them one if that makes sense?

Jennifer said...

love this idea. Would be great for my hubby as he is always reading something at the dinner table. I'm sure he has read the sauce bottle labels a thousand times lol

Taylor Made said...

This is a fabulous idea as my guys just love reading things at the table and it wouldn't take too much to change often.
Thanks for sharing.

nima said...

wow..brilliant idea