How to: Appliqué on PVC.

PVC is a great material as it's durable and can be easily wiped down.  The tricky part is sewing with it.
These images will show how to sew an applique onto PVC.

Firstly, set your sewing machine up.  A walking or teflon foot are the best to use as they won't stick to the plastic. 
Don't use your fabric scissors to cut PVC they will become blunt. Turn your pressure dial to 2.  This allows for the plastic to be feed through a little easier.  Use a heavier needle (size 14 - denim is what I use).

Cut out your applique and press.

Place it face down to the back of your PVC piece.
Take another scrap piece of PVC and place it over the fabric applique.  It is so much easier to sew when the top & bottom pieces are both PVC.

Turn PVC over to the front and your fabric would be facing the correct way.  Pin only where the applique stitching will cover.  You can't remove pin holes!

Select an applique stitch & set all controls on your machine. Sew around edge of fabric applique.

Turn over and trim around edge to neaten off.

If you were making a garment that was going to be washed or it may get wet during cleaning/sponging, I would recommend that you remove the plastic backing within the applique, leaving a small margin (use either your scissors or seam ripper).  If the fabric gets wet & is unable to dry, it may create mildew.  Removing the backing will help eliminate this.


Anonymous said...

This is just what I need...I am wanting to sew an art apron for my little one and pvc is the perfect choice.

Beach said...

Great Jodie, I love this.