Tutorial: Kids PVC covered apron + pattern

This tutorial for making a PVC covered apron is easy once you know a few tips and tricks for working with PVC.
I have included this free PDF showing you how to draft this pattern. The instructions are given for a 2 - 4 year old.

You will need :
1 x fabric piece 50cm high by 60cm wide
1 x PVC piece at least 60cm high by 70cm wide - a thinner weight (I used 8g)
2.4 metres of bias (12mm)
A walking foot will help when sewing PVC

  • Place your pattern on the fold with a straight grain and cut.
  • With the PVC cover you don't need to cut it to the pattern as yet.  It is much easy to do that as we go along so cut a rough piece large enough to cover the entire fabric apron piece with at least a 2cm margin all the way around.
  • Place your fabric piece face down onto the PVC and pin along the top edge only.  Remember only to pin in the seam edge otherwise you will see pin holes.  PVC moves around when you are sewing so it's best to get one seam anchored down and then work from there.
  • Trim the PVC back to the pattern edge on the top apron seam that you are working on only.
  • Add bias.

  • Smooth out your fabric & pvc laying flat, right side down.
  • Pin your bottom curved edge section and trim back the edge to the fabric piece.
  • Leave the two armhole sections unpinned & uncut.
  • Add you bias

  • Trim back your PVC armhole sections back to the fabric piece.
  • Cut your 2.4 metres of bias in two (1.2 metres each).
  • Take one half and measure 40cm. Pin this 40cm mark to the bottom LHS on the armhole corner.
  • Sew the bias in half from the start and continue through to the end.
  • Measure 44cm and pin this mark to the top RHS corner on the armhole. Again start from the top of bias piece, fold in half and sew through to the end.
  • Tie off your ends and tidy up threads.

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Tiff said...

What an awsome tutorial! I have made these before... but mine do not look at neat as yours!!! Thanks! X