Fresh Herb Origami Wrappers

I'm catching up with some girlfriends for a walk later and wanted to give them fresh herbs from my garden plus eggs from my new chickens. 

I loved this Chopstick Wrappers tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar and thought I could instead wrap the herbs using newspaper & string.
  1. You will need some newspaper squares - 6" x 6" and some string
  2. Check out Lisa & Sarah's great tutorial on how to fold the wrappers.
  3. Group your herbs and tie with string around the middle to secure.
  4. Place herbs in wrapper and again tie with string.
  5. Snip the ends off to neaten.

You may or may not of seen my posts over the weekend on facebook about my new chicken pen.  We had an old swing set (now about 11 years old!) that was ready for the hard rubbish.  My husband had a vision to create a chicken pen with the frame.  I wasn't convinced of his concept but now it is made I love it! He was done a great job. The chickens have settled in well and we are already receiving 3 eggs each day.


Megsy-Jane said...

Lucky lucky girlfriends! I bet you and your family are enjoying some 'proper' eggs lol! So do the new 'girls' have names? I'm just asking - we have three chicken flocks complete with roosters around here and each one is named to the amusement of our friends! The pen looks great by the way - there is an old swing set around here that has been eyed off for a while too!

Penny-Rose said...

I think recycling the swing to make a chicken run is a great idea! I love your blog - everything is so beautifully laid out and easy to read. Thank you!

Taylor Made said...

What a fantastic idea to recycle the swing set...I bet there are so many of them that end up on bulk rubbish heaps.

ZippyZippy said...

Love the chicken coop. We have been talking about getting chooks for a very long time. Hubby wants to build some elabarate castle for them - might show him this one.
I also give lots of herbs away, will definately try the wrappers for them, thanks for sharing

Caroline said...

What a lovely post. I love the origami wrappers and will have to give them a go. Your chook house is amazing too! We are yet to get chooks at home but hubby is always on the lookout for house designs for when we eventually do. I've added it to pininterest for future reference.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your chicken pen is most inspired - recycling at its best! Thanks for the link.

Easy Peasy Kids said...

So pretty and so simple. I love the cjiken coop, just brilliant

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Hi Jodie, I wish I had space for chickens!! Would be so fantastic. Alas, even my herbs these days I take from my Mum's veggie garden ;) Monique

Kristen said...

I love your swing set chicken run so much I posted a copy of your picture along with a link to your blog!

I hope you get lots of new visitors!
Keep up the GREAT ideas!


Our Side of the Mountain said...

OK - LOVE, LOVE the swing-set run idea! We have an old wooden swing-set that the kids aren't using anymore. It even has a "playhouse" area that we could cover as well for a coop or just an area for them to roost! Gosh - wish I had seen this BEFORE having a carpenter make us a heavy duty, bigger coop in the spring! LOL

Christina Goggins said...

Love this idea, w
my sons have been wanting to get some chickens, and this would be a great thing to try to find, or an easy frame to build on our own, I also thought it would make a good small green house to cover it in plastic! Just a thought. Thanks