A to Z in haberdashery - B is for buttons

I love buttons, if I find myself at a garage sale, op shop or trash market, buttons are the one thing I always look for. My family have been known to leave me and come back!

Buttons can be made from almost anything and come in any shape or size.
1. Laura Potter Ceramics 2. My Poppet 3. Woods of Narnia 4. KBK Extras 5. Made for Fun  6. Press Button A  7. The Haby Goddess 8. The Woodlot  9. Humble Boy

There are two different types of buttons : sew through & shank.
Sew through buttons are flat with usually 2 or 4 holes to thread your thread through.
Shank have either a loop or a hollow section on the back of the button to sew the button on with. The front of the button is flat. If the button has a loop, it is normally designed to give a bit of space between the layers of fabric.

Want to have a go at making your own?

Add fabric to these kits (they come in all different sizes) in either metal loop shank or flat backed for craft.
Use these button moulds from the Mold Muse to create your own.

A couple of quick tips for sewing on buttons:
  1. Match your thread to the button and not your fabric
  2. When using sew through buttons with 2 holes, match the holes the same way as the buttonhole.  For example if your buttonhole is vertical - holes should be vertical.
  3. Take note of how the shank should be lined up.  Especially important if the button is a shape or have a printed pattern.  If sewing more than one button, all shanks should be facing the same way.


Megsy-Jane said...

A few things I didn't know about buttons! Thanks Jodie :-) I love the woods of narnia buttons - I think the name got me there! And is it just me, or does anyone else have a pet hate of sewing on shank buttons? I love the covered button look but so often the shank puts me off, as no matter how many times I sew, I still feel like it will come off! (None have mind you, so I'll just have to get over my phobia!)

chrisartist said...

My love of buttons started as a small child. My Grandmother let me count buttons and sort into colours.
My mother also collected buttons and we would often sort and admire them.

Angela said...

ahhhh buttons. One of my favourite notions :) I have a couple of different sized button making kits and am planning to use them to make little fabric button magnets. Like Chris, I also was fascinated by my mother's button collection :)