Pattern Review: Papercut's Sloppy Josephine Tee

It's been a long time coming but I have finished part two of my sewing challenge that I set many moons ago!
I changed my mind regarding which pattern to use and went with the new Papercut Pattern that I had been dying to cut into.

Points of note:
  1. I was in between sizes so I went the larger size due to the style of the top.  I am a smaller sized hip than bust and waist so I needed to just run the sides to the bottom hem in a little so it sat correctly. I made a large and I'm usually a 14-16 top/ 12-14 pant to give you an idea of the sizing. 
  2. The pattern goes together perfectly and it takes very little time to put the main tee together but it can give you the false sense of security that it will be finished in no-time - that's where the neckline comes in!
  3. I love the raglan sleeve and cuffs, they fit & sit great.
  4. The greatest amount of time was spent on the neckline, however it does work & sits great. Knit fabrics are quite tricky to create a binding from as they don't press like cotton.  The key here is patience and a lot of pins! I also added the binding the more tradional way of two rows of stitching as I felt this was easier than the suggested method of one row of stitching.
The verdict:

LOVE IT! Its fit is loose & very comfortable. It has a wide neckline to give it the sloppy joe feel.
The rating on this pattern is for beginner - yes it essentially is but care and patience is needed for the binding.
Due to the quite small sizing, this pattern is also perfect for the teen market which is often forgotten .  Miss 'almost 13' has placed her order.
I also love that I can now hang my pattern for next time - which I'm sure there will be.
This Sloppy Josephine Tee pattern along with all the other gorgeous Papercut Patterns can be found in The Haby Goddess online store (the only Australian stockist!)


Jessica K said...

Jodie, that looks lovely. To be honest, being a bit er... curvy... I looked at the papercut patterns and went 'oh, they look nice, but definitely not for me'. Well I was wrong, having seen this on you I will be buying this one as the weather gets warmer! I even think yours looks better than the example one on the pattern. Thanks for the review!

Vintage Sew and So said...

looks great ♥