Sewing Challenge - Part 1 done

Remember back in this post how I set myself a sewing challenge but failed miserably? Well today I picked up where I left off and finished part 1 - the skirt.

I used the Gelato Skirt pattern from Toni Coward's Make it Perfect pattern book. It all went together really well and I only made one small change to the pattern.  The skirt was quite a bit longer than I thought (that's because I have short stumpy legs!) so I omitted adding the waistband binding and created one from the front waistband panel instead, this lifted the hemline a little.  The pattern was easy enough to change.

Now on to the second part of the challenge - but maybe another day!

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Megsy-Jane said...

Good for you Jodie - the skirt looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see part two of the sewing challenge.