A Husqvarna SLE 6570 and a promise

Today was a day of mixed emotions as I met with my mum, aunt & uncle to empty out my grandmothers home.   Many months ago she suffered a series of mini strokes and after recovering somewhat, she is no longer able to live unassisted and has now been settled into a nursing home.

I 'd been offered, on many occasions, to take one of the umpteen sewing machines that she possesses but I always replied with "I HAVE ENOUGH MACHINES ALREADY!!".

While sifting through an old sewing cabinet looking for vintage thread & buttons,  I spied a delicious vintage looking sewing machine manual and along with it was the original sales brochure. I began to grow a little excited wondering if the machine inside of this lovely cream filigree cover, which sat next to them, was that of the Husqvarna SLE 6570 which the brochure showed ~ it was!!!

It was released in the late 70's and is in near perfect condition with all the stitching programmers & foot attachments still there. 

So I promise with my hand on my heart to give this machine a very good home. I can see that we will become the very best of friends ♥


Suzie said...

I'm really sorry about your Grandma. It's good you've taken one of her machines and given it a good home. It's always good to have something tangible as a reminder.

Can I be crass and ask what's happening with the rest of the machines?

clare's craftroom said...

Bitter sweet . I hope your grandmother adjusts well and knows you are taking care of her lovely machine .

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

Hi Jodie, sorry to hear about your grandmother, I'm sure she will settle in well to her new home, you will have to make her some cushions with your new machine to make her room more homely

Linda said...

Ah its a hard time for everyone, but now your grandmother will have someone looking after her 24/7

CurlyPops said...

What a treasure. I hope your grandmother knows that you'll love that machine just as much as she did!
It's beautiful.

Shannynbree said...

I was given one of these for Christmas...I love it!!

Liam's Mummy said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. It's good to hear that one of her machines is going to a good home. My first sewing machine had cams as well.

alliecat said...

Oh oh oh!!! I had to comment!

I am sorry to hear about your loved Grandma too.

But oh! That machine, that beautiful machine is exactly the same as my very first sewing machine. It was my Great Aunts (she had no children) and my Great uncle gave to me after she died. I loved it so, even more for the fact it was hers and she was a brilliant seamstress. It was a workhorse that did so much great work and such beautiful stitches. Sadly it finally broke last year after many years of service, including about 8years for me, and could not be repaired as they don't make parts for it anymore. It was cost prohibitive to try and find anything second hand for it, so I sadly left it behind at the store where I am sure it is now scrap metal. Enjoy yours, love her well and thanks for the memories!

Bree said...

HI Jodie, I know how close you are to your Grandma so I'm sure it's a very hard time for all. I didn't recommence my sewing journey until after both my grandmothers had passed but I like to think they're looking down on me and are proud of what I'm doing.

I suggest you take photo copies of the booklets from the sewing machine for future reference and then frame the originals and put them up in your studio.


Mary said...

Sorry about your Grandma. It is never easy. That is one beautiful machine you have there and she looks well cared for too. I have a 6040 (similar with all the same cams) and I love love love it. It was my husbands nana's machine so I feel all custodial about it.