Sewing tester results for Wrap Skirt Kit

And boy what a fantastic result it is!

A few weeks ago I asked for a sewing tester to try out a new Bluebird Sky Wrap Skirt kit that the online store now stocks.  After many, many replies, I forwarded the kit to Kelly from Polka Dot Lane.
She has done a great job on the skirt and gave some wonderful, constructive feedback on the kit which has lead to the kit & instructions being tweaked just a little.

It was a lovely surprise to open the photo attachments and see that Kelly's sister Danielle, who is a professional photographer from,  had taken the shots.

This is a beautiful fabric which hadn't really shown up that well in the photo's until now.  The gorgeous yellow contrasting fabric gives the skirt a bright, playful feel. As the images show, it can be tied at the front or back.  Perfect for little bodies that seem to grow before our eyes!

Kelly chose not to add the yo-yo attachment as she felt it didn't really add to the skirt.  Personally I love this feature so it will really come down to personal choice.  I will be adding a brooch back to all the kits including the pillowcase dresses so if you choose not to add the yo-yo to the skirt or dress, you can use it as an accessory.

These Wrap Skirt Kits are available in 2 different fabric choices in the online store.

I would love to also thank you for the lovely messages left in my previous post.


Megsy-Jane said...

The skirt looks gorgeous, Jodie.
Thank you for your lovely comments on our blog - it's great to have the support!

Tiff said...

What a gorgeous little skirt! The fabric is lovely and the photos are just amazing! X