Featured Handmade Business: Tabitha Emma

Tabitha Emma is an extremely busy girl! Not only is she a freelance designer & illustrator, producing both print & digital works, she also creates the most gorgeous textile products that reflect her creative style.

Having trained in fashion and textile design plus graphic design & communication, her creative style is distinct & unique. Tabitha started her blog in 2007 and has just celebrated her 4th successful year of Etsy and from the beautiful items in her store it's easy to see why.  

Adorable appliqued and embroidered products using linen & floral fabrics.

Tabitha is self taught when it comes to Gocco printing.  These designs are consistent to the nostalgic style of the Tabitha Emma brand.

You can purchase Tabitha's illustrations in a cute playing card size which is an inexpensive way to start your collection of prints. She uses quality art papers with archival inks.

Tabitha has a second Etsy store where you can purchase her digital graphics.
The demand for Tabitha Emma's graphic design is growing with her portfolio of blogs & websites revamps impressive. 

Now for the who, what & where's!

Website: www.tabithaemma.com
Online Store: www.etsy.com/shop/tabidesigns
                   : www.etsy.com/shop/tabithaemma (for digital designs)
Blog: www.tabithaemma.com/blog


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, she is mightly talented. Love her work!!

elly honeyimhome said...

Sheesh! What beautiful works!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Business Coach said...

Those are pretty cool design..very creative and beautiful creations.

Lyle Stephens