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Today's daily tidbit on the facebook page was about podcasts.  This concept is quite new to me but I love them, in particular crafty ones.  You just download them to your ipod and you are good to go. 

What is a podcast?
It's an audio recording that is delivered via the internet so you can listen either on a MP3 device or computer.  

Here is the lowdown on podcasts to get you started but be warned - they're addictive!
Try these Crafty podcast sites for their full pocast archives:

Craft Sanity by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood has 120 episodes of podcast gold in her archives with all areas of craft covered.
Crafty Pod is delivered by 'Sister Diane' - aka Diane Gilleland - she also has a comprehensive lists of topics including running a craft business, blogging and Creative Commons licensing.
iTunes podcast tab enables you to search any topic that you like and then download.

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Basics for downloading podcasts.

  • If you haven't got the hang of downloading to your computer yet or to your MP3 (such as an ipod), sites such as Crafty Pod & Craft Sanity allow you to simply click a play button & listen.  
  • Or if you have an iTunes account then open the podcast link in iTunes and download it from there.  In most cases the podcasts are free. You can subscribe to your favourite podcaster via iTunes also.
Creating your own podcasts.

Have you got the bug to make your own crafty podcast? I have!!!
Well you'll basically need a computer and a microphone.  There are a few processes involved, as you need to record, find a host & then distribute. I have downloaded Audacity - a free audio editing program - today which I intend having a play with, so I will update you with some instructions when I have more of an idea how it all goes together.

Do you have any other good podcast sites to share? 

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