How to use an envelope template

This inexpensive envelope template creates little pockets quickly & easily.
Make them to house little notes, gift cards or trinkets.
Here are the instructions....

The timber template which can be used over and over, makes an envelope measuring 10cm x 7cm and includes instructions.

You only need a few basic supplies.
Paper - I've used Golden books
Something sharp to score your paper - a quick unpick does the job!
Craft glue that adheres to paper.
Optional extra's - twine & eyelets

 Position your template on the paper.  Keep in mind where your folds will be.
Score with a sharp object or mark with a pen.  I suggest if you are using a pen marker then do so on the inside of the paper so your markings won't be seen.
Fold along scored lines

Add a small amount of glue along the middle & bottom flap.  Fold into shape.

I've added eyelets but you would need to add contents before doing so.

Finish off with twine or ribbon if that's the look you are going for.

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Rie said...

Cutest envelopes ever!! I guess they would be good for gift vouchers - a nifty idea for making your own advent calender too.