The Bias Binding Guide

Creating and applying bias tape/binding are sewing techniques that once you learn how to do correctly, you will never look back. You'll wonder why you had been putting them off all these years!
I've put together this handy guide of all related content from here on The Haby Goddess blog, Sew School Online plus new original material.
It's a collection of step by step instructions with clear detailed images plus a few extra bonus video's thrown in also.
Here's what the guide contains:

  • Finding your grain 
  • Difference between single & double bias
  • Handy Tools
  • How much fabric will I need?
  • What types of fabric to use?
  • Cutting your fabric strips
  • Making your bias
  • Joining your bias strips
  • Using a bias tape maker
  • Sewing on your bias binding – Technique 1 (includes video)
  • Sewing on your bias binding – Technique 2
  • Add bias to curves
  • How to achieve a neat corner?
  • Finishing off bias binding (video)
  • Additional techniques – Add bias to an inside edge
  • Bias binding gadgets – Using a binding foot attachment
  • Bias binding gadgets – Simplicity Bias Tape Maker

File size is 2.3mb and it will be automatically sent to your paypal address after purchase.

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