Don't judge a magazine by it's cover!

One of the seriously awesome perks of opening a bricks & mortar store (opening 18th March!) is I now stock magazines that are current issues. Yes, that's right folks, you don't need to wait months to get your imported copies.  Christmas issues is February, no thanks!

There is nothing better than buying your favourite magazine, sitting in peace and reading it from cover to cover. I do admit however, I generally don't browse the stands at the newsagents or online stores.  I get in and get out just with my fav's each month.  Apart from the obvious few, many of the craft magazines look the same and aren't very appealing.

When the newish UK publication Homemaker - Issue 3 arrived last week I put in somewhere over there, and headed straight for Mollie Makes.  It gave the impression from it's cover, that it was a bit like all those other magazines, but it's NOT.  Today when I finally gave it some love and attention I found that it's good, really good!

Covers topics from craft, sewing, crochet & cooking.
Great interviews including Sophie Dahl and knitting extraordinaire Debbie Bliss.
Lots of projects from a number of different crafts.
You will also receive a 2nd magazine free : Home Sewing Inspiration.  Again, it's a great read and includes a heap of fabric patterned papers.

Homemaker Issue 3  is available in The Haby Goddess online store now.

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