Tips for turning fabric tubes.

I've shown you how to use the Turn It All Tool before (you can see that post here) but today I wanted to give you some tips for turning fabric tubes and getting a beautiful finish.

  • Using a rotary cutter & large ruler is great for getting even fabric strips.  
  • Reduce the stitch length a touch from what you would normally sew a straight stitch on.  I reduce mine from 3 to 2.  This helps prevents any pokey out bits once you have turned the tube.
  • Clip the corners & trim back the top seam a little.  This will prevent bulk at the end and give you pointy corners.

  • Press both your seams back open. When you turn your tube and press for the final time, it will be much easier.
  • Select the correct sized tool from the set and let them work their magic.

  • Use the long pointy stick from the Turn It All Tool to poke out your corners and give one good last press.

The Turn It All Tool set is available from The Haby Goddess online store.
I will be demonstrating turning fabric tubes with this tool at the Melbourne Craft & Sewing show at the Discovery Desk from October 25-28.  

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