Add some zing to your seams

Adding decorative strips to your seams is an easy way to add a bit of zing to your project.

Cut a 2 inch (5cm) bias strip of fabric and press in half - no folded edges like normal bias
Cut a contrasting fabric strip or in my case lace.  If you were using fabric then make your width 2cm wider than the first, again folding in half and pressing. The lace I'm using is only 1 inch and is not folded over.  It is the same width as my fabric so it is short underneath and won't sit on the fabric edge.

Determine how you want your decorative strips to look
Place both pieces on your right side of fabric aligned with the fabric edge and then cover with the top fabric. Your decorative strips will be sandwiched in between.
Pin to secure

Both strips need to be caught in you seam allowance. I needed to take extra care as my seam allowance just caught the edge of the lace.
Sew your seam
Turn your piece over to the right side and press your strips to one side.  Make sure the seam allowance underneath on your right side is underneath the decorative strips so it will get caught when you sew the top stitch keeping them flat.
Sew a top stitch to the outer edge of the strip closest to the seam It will look a bit like a felled seam
Here is what it will look like from the back - normally you would still finish off your edges as need to.

Give your seam a final press



Awesome Idea Jodie, must use this when I begin to make my quilt using old white sheets from moons ago and lots of antique laces.

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Thanks Melanie, yes it can be used for many different seams.

Marina said...

This looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing the idea...

Megan said...

I love it! What a fabulously simple yet effective idea, I will definitely be using this one!

grandmaFlor said...

Great idea for my grand daughter's clothing that she outgrows. I am always trying to 'extend' their use by adding a ruffle or band.

Christine said...

this question has nothing to do with the seaming tute but the email I got today.

What is the pattern for the Beanie Drive?

thanks...and go warm up!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Hi Christine,
The pattern I'm using for the scarf is this one :