10 Minute Craft: Add fabric tape to tableware

My daughter is turning 10 this weekend and we are having the first home party in years.
It's fancy dress (she's going as batgirl) but she still wants it pink & white themed.

An easy and very cheap way to add a splash of theme colour to your plain white tableware and cutlery is by adding fabric tape.  It will transform boring plain plastic cutlery and cups instantly.
When you peel the backing off, it's a lot like a bandaid and very easy to work with.

To make the tape sit nice and flat around the cup, cut slits into the tape (about half way is enough) and overlap.  A bit like you do when clipping corners.

A great selection of fabric tapes are available in The Haby Goddess online store.


Linda said...

Thx Jodie what a great idea.
Hope the party goes well and happy birthday to your daughter.

Lerosso said...

So easy and such a great result!