Make : Grow : Thrift

Each Monday you can link to a post on your blog sharing with us something that is handmade, homegrown, homemade (such as a recipe) or recycled/thrifted.

This does not need to be craft or sewing based. This is all about making our lives a little greener week by week.

This week I'm sharing something will grow and remain close to my families heart.  Last month my grandmother Dorothy passed away.  My wonderful sisters in law gave me this beautiful Camellia plant this weekend to plant in my garden in memory of her.  I've yet to find the perfect spot and will spend some time this week deciding and planting.

 Did you have something that was Made : Grown : Thrifted this week? 
Please share below, we would love to hear about it. 

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Anne said...

Lovely blog ~ I'm a new follower, and I'm also contributing something "green" ~ :)

Anne said...

Jodie, I grew the hyacinths, and also painted the little ACEO that I've featured in the middle of this collage ~ ♥

Catherine said...

Hi Jodie - I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, but it's lovely to hear the way you are remembering her.
Thanks again for hosting.

Calico Child said...

Sorry to here about your grand mother Jodie what a lovely gift to have in your garden her memory will stay alive when you look at how it will grow, enjoy planting & watching it grow. :) x

Tiff said...

A beautiful plant for some wonderful memories! x

Greer said...

Lovely blog. I'm joining in for the first time. Looking forward to following along.
Greer x

MsDriver said...

Hi Jodie, Sorry to hear about your grandmother... They are such special people and planting something is a lovely way to remember her.

Maria said...

A lovely tribute to the memory of your grandmother, Jodie. My post this week is also about gardening, plus a non gardening photo showing a very naughty possum!