How to use Eyelet Plier Sets

I have just added eyelet plier sets to The Haby Goddess online store.
There are two different sizes available and each come with 100 eyelets.  
The smaller size includes four colours of eyelets : copper, gold, silver & black.  
The larger eyelets are gold only.
These are very similar to using snap fastener pliers, except you only have one piece to worry about.  Which makes them even easier to use. You can use them on fabric, paper, vinyl or a combo of these.

  • Make a hole where you would like the eyelet to go
  • Push through the eyelet prong to the other side.  The flat rounded side should be facing the right side of your project.
  • The eyelet prong sits over the plier prong
  • Make sure the rounded top side sits securely in place on the pliers other side
  • Squeeze the plier handles together until the eyelet prongs have closed at the back.
Available in The Haby Goddess online store

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Calico Child said...

ooh no i have seen something else I want now I only have the old one where you hammer it with a hammer a right pain i can tell you, this looks so much easier :))