Make an art smock from a mens shirt

Continuing on from yesterday's library bag post, today I tackled the task of an artsmock.
Having had to endure wearing Poss Bloss PVC art smocks all her school life, she was very excited when I mentioned about recycling a mens shirt.

Paying $2 at the op shop and using the rest of the denim from yesterday's library bag, this is a quick, easy & cheap alternative to making one from scratch.

We were very fortunate to find a shirt that was press studded down the front with big decorative buttons.
It just needed a bit of velcro at the neck as it gaped a bit.
I removed cuffs and added an elastic wrist band.
Any mother knows that art smocks have 'hot spots' that are more likely to get covered in paint - the elbows and where they wipe their hands down the front of their chests.
Here I added denim patches to give a little more protection to the uniform underneath.

Phew! I left it mighty close (she starts back tomorrow) but it's done!

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