What's your creative process. Here's mine....

In previous posts I have spoken about adding your own twist and just 'winging it'. 

Today, I look at how everyone who crafts takes a different path to reach their end result and give you a glimpse into how I come up with the ideas for my tutorials and posts.

Some already have a vision of how a project will look when it's finished and others create as they go along.
As you will see, mine is probably very different to what you thought it would be.

What's your creative process?


Caroline said...

it's so interesting to hear about how other people's brains work!
I usually have an idea of how I want my finished project to look - it's the process that it is a bit of an unknown journey!

I love posts like these - thanks Jodie!

willywagtail said...

Thanks for sharing this. I think you have summed up my way too. If I buy expensive components for something I have half planned I genrally find I have wasted my money on some of them. Of course that then means that I have lovely things to use for my next project. I have never understood the idea of "planning" a project. For me that would take all of the creative process away and I would be left with a horrible item even if it might be functional. I think many people are scared of wasting their time and money and don't realise that creativity and art grow out of failure and can become beautiful with reflection. Cherrie

➊ ♥,➋ ✌☞s & ME said...

I really liked that you shared that with us. I think I'm a bit of both but mostly I have a vision, that comes from being inspired by other things around me and I seem to take them elsewhere. I agree with the idea of not letting things that don't quite work end up forgotten. I usually find that there will always be a way to make more of them later. My husband never quite understands this. The other thing is that new technology and techniques make it possible to add to. With new techniques for transferring image, I am planning to alter a collograph I made about 20 years ago and update it with text and transfer. My process is usually I start a thing and then I'm not quite sure where to take it. So I let it sit till the idea gels. This means I have lots of unfinished things around me. But eventually they find their way to where they belong. In the end it's just blind faith. One thing...could we please see the wreath you are talking about...somehow I missed it. thanks

Robintail said...

Thanks for sharing Jodie. My brain works the same way - only a little more chaotic! If I get really excited about a particular project, my sewing room will look like a bomb has hit it, because I don't stop to put anything away. There'll be ribbons and buttons and pattern pieces scattered everywhere as I search for the perfect element for each area of my project - and quite often what started off as an original idea will end up completely different than I imagined.