How To: Draft a basic pant pattern

My 9 year old daughter seems to be having a continual growth spurt! As a result, more often then not she looks like Little Orphan Annie with pj bottoms that are too short for her.

Grabbing the last pair in her cupboard that are the right length, I quickly drafted a basic pattern this morning and whipped her up another pair.

This really is simple so I thought I'd share a few tips if you were wanted to have a go yourself.
  • Remember that the back is always higher than the front so your need a separate back & front pattern piece.
  • To measure the waist width you will need to stretch the elastic to it's fullest stretch.
  • In some cases like pictured above the seam allowance will be included so you won't need to allow for more.
  • Make sure your item is pressed well.

  • I have used Freezer Paper as it is on a continuous roll plus it's plastic coating on one side makes it stronger than normal kraft paper.
  • Fold your pants inside out and fold in half.
  • Sketch around the outside of your pants - front & back separately taking into account elastic as mentioned above. Outside of leg should be straight.
  • You will need to allow for any waistbands or cuffs also.  I kept this really simple and just added a double fold bias to the bottom edge.
  • Laying your pattern pieces on top of each other will give you a good indication if they are in proportion. 
  • The top side edge and the crotch points should meet so the seams are aligned when you sew the pieces together.


Vintage Sew and So said...

Great tute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great tutorial Jodie :)